How to Use


Change the width and height of the grid using the boxes above the grid. (1-32)

Clicking a box changes the color of the box. Shift clicking cycles backwards.

Alternatively, you may select a color from the Color Selector area.

The selected color will then be used when clicking on the grid instead of cycling.

White boxes are empty space and black boxes are immovable blockers.

All other colors are objects that will match 3 normally.


Hitting the solve button puts the website into "Solve Mode".

Solve Mode lets you see each step of the process to solve the puzzle.

You can use the next and previous buttons to navigate the different solution steps.

Hitting the clear or solve buttons exits Solve Mode.

Other Information

The rules are the same as the game Islands of Insight.

Tiles can only be swapped with another tile, so they can't be swapped with black or white.

Tiles are removed if after a swap they're in a 3, 4, or 5 in a row.

After tiles are removed from a swap, all remaining tiles fall down to fill any empty space.

If gravity causes another match 3, 4, or 5, the process repeats until there are no more matches.

The puzzle is considered solved when there are no colored blocks remaining.


Very large puzzles are sometimes unsolvable due to browser and static website limitations.

Match 3 Solver


Color Selector

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